Knowledgeable and experienced web developers and web designers are keeping on their research for best web design topics, and finding many useful techniques to implement.

Responsive Design

The most popular topic that is widely discussed and followed is the ‘responsive design’. The ability of a website to adjust in a decent manner to any device, may it be a 15-inch desktop or a 21-inch laptop or an iPod or a tablet or 4-inch wide mobile screen, along with all its components and features are known as ‘responsive design’. This is the hottest topic since people have started using laptops and desktops in their office or at home and mobiles and tablets on the go. With the increased availability of Wi-Fi, it has become a common feature. Responsive web design guide will give you all the important details required to make a design, responsive.


Another hot topic is ‘minimalism.’ It is revolutionizing the web designing world. As per the saying, ‘less is more’ web designers are encouraged more with designing minimal aspect than with stunning curves and colors; clean design with minimum elements, focusing more on the content is a welcoming thing among all the gorgeous designs.

Parallax Scrolling

This scrolling effect is getting popular among the website owners and designers. The animations take place in various layers, each with different speeds. For example, background image moves slower than the foreground image creating a pleasing visual treat. There are serious discussions among the web developers for the digging of new web design topics, whether to have this feature or not. It provides a visual treat when used minimally and an unwanted distraction when used maximum.

Infinite Scrolling

This much-discussed feature poses a challenge for SEO. Facebook or Twitter feeds are exact samples of this type of scrolling. The content gets updated and keeps on loading each time when the user reaches the bottom of the page. This may be useful for a shopping site, but it has the danger of irritating the user in normal informative web sites. Web designers have to think twice while including this feature on their website.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

his topic though it seems old is still looming in the background. Each and every client wants to ensure his website to be good with all browsers including older versions. And hence, cross-browser compatibility is the basic thing for any web developer to check and make sure.


It is very much surprised to think of this most important topic neglected so far. Font management is very much important that the entire success of a website and its content depends on this. The readability and the legibility depend on the fonts of the website. They set the mood of the user. Some fonts are so neat and clean that they inspire people to read. Some irritate the user and some make it difficult to read.

CSS Animations

Web designers discuss actively integrating animations through CSS , which in turn is a very widely used web design topics. Since web pages depend more on Android and the like CSS animations are the need of the hour.